Saturday, December 10, 2011


My crate!

Ahhhh... Things finally feel normal again.  It has not been normal since Riley's hock fracture on July 26th.  Riley has been rehabing for nearly nine weeks now and I dare say she is back to normal. I have raised the agility jumps back up to full height.  She is weaving through poles and climbing the contact obstacles.  And she does it all full tilt like she used to.  I have lifted all restrictions, but am more thorough in my warm ups and cool downs now (both dogs).  I also check Riley for soreness and fatique, but happily do not find any.
Since we already had a routine established, we used Riley's crate for the foster boys and continued to use the ex pen in the kitchen for Riley.  Now that the foster boys are adopted, Riley is back in her own crate and the ex pen in the kitchen has been put away.  Despite not being in her crate since the end of July, she never forgot that it belong to her.  And our kitchen feels new and remodeled with all of the extra space. 

So we are very happy to be back down to our own six dogs, to have our house and routines back to normal, and to have Riley sound again.  I am hoping for a very normal 2012!