Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One Is Not Like The Other

Can you tell who is who?

Small female greyhounds.  Brindle.  50 - 55 pounds.  High prey drives.  Food motivated.  June 28th birthdays (although different years).  Both love agility, stuffy toys, and squirrels. But this is where their similarities end.
Riley was finally back in agility class last week and WOW!  It was so much fun.  I ran Seven in the first class and she was wonderful.  She really benefited from all of the one-on-one time and training while Riley was laid up.  It really gave her time to develop her skill set.  Seven really has turned out so nicely so quickly.  I hate to jinx anything by complimenting her too soon, but she is just so dependable.  She is like a Nissan Altima.  Nice car.  Easy to drive.  Responsive and reliable. I put my foot on the accelerator and I keep it there for the entire agility course.  Seven spoils me.
And then it was Riley's turn.  She is like driving a Ferrari with a stuck accelerator.  If you do not tap the brakes in certain places around the course, you will drive Riley into a ditch.  She may never qualify as consistently as Seven is more likely to do, but there is something really terrific about about getting to drive a Ferrari.  Even though the judge may issue citations for our performance, that greyhound just makes me smile.