Monday, September 19, 2011

The End

How about a post about Seven?  I have entered Seven into her first agility trial at the end of October.  I continue to have issues with her popping out of the weave poles early.  My agility trainer suggested I offset the last two poles making the ending more difficult than if they were in line.  The idea is that this will make her have to concentrate and work hard to get the last two poles.  I can use a clicker to mark her grand effort in getting the last two poles.
Seven did really well with four and six poles, but eight was another story.  My biggest worry is that we will be in a trial and she simply refuses to weave correctly.  So another strategy I will start to employ in training (so I can use at a trial) is that she gets three attempts and if she is still wrong, I say "sorry" and put her away for awhile.  We got to practice this a few times while working on the last two poles being out of line.
Hopefully, we will get it consistently right one of these days.