Friday, August 12, 2011

Drama Queen

Of course, Seven did not want to be left out of all the drama.  She was in the yard one afternoon when Stephen heard one of the dogs screaming bloody murder.  Stephen ran outside to see what was wrong and Seven was in a screaming, crying heap.  She was holding up her paw and yelped for nearly a minute.  I am sure the entire neighborhood heard her death wailing.  We could see that Seven's leg was still attached so we told her she needed settle down if she wanted us to help her.  We got her inside and examined her paw.  Stephen discovered that she had been stung (he wants credit for that find so here it is).
Seven continued off and on with the theatrics.  I gave her some Benadryl and iced her paw.  I also explained to her that her sister, Riley, did not make a peep when she fractured her hock.  That it was not until the next day did she squeak a little when the doctors were manipulating the painful joint.  God help me if Seven ever actually gets hurts.