Monday, August 15, 2011

Precious and Wonderful

Riley is a third of the way through her six weeks of confinement for her fractured hock.  She is just so precious and wonderful and has adapted to the new, boring routine.
Riley is confined to an ex pen in our kitchen nearly 24 hours a day.  Our entire house is slippery tile or hardwood floors.  I just cannot take the risk of allowing her to move about unleashed.  She is simply not sensible enough.  Plus I do not want her thinking that things are normal right now. 
The ex pen is located next to a large window which I love.  Our house does not get a lot of natural light through the windows, but Riley is in one of the few locations that is bright all day without any direct sunlight.  The ex pen gives her twice as much room as her crate and affords her a few special priviledges.

One, Riley gets treats for no reason and the humans often share bites of whatever is for dinner. Mine get enough treats so I never just give treats for being cute... that is unless you have a broken leg.  Second, we let Riley squeak really annoying toys.  We have very few toys around the house because Reagan and Seven are destroyers and then eat their spoils.  Riley just likes to squeak them so rotate toys in the ex pen.
Riley, of course, has to be on leash anytime she is outside of the ex pen. I have been taking her to the front yard to potty since there are usually more noises, smells, and sights to investigate.  As you can see, Riley gets around very well with her splint.
I also let her eat grass...
... and bake in the sun.  Unfortunately, she is not much of a sunbather so she is quick to say "enough".
Thank you for all the nice comments and well wishes.