Friday, July 1, 2011

Suddenly Famous

Well, now that Riley and I have been on TV, you must be wondering how Riley is coping with all of this fame. She is managing...
It was very cool to see us on a regular TV channel on a Sunday afternoon.  The program was very professional with our names and bio included.  Southeastern Greyhound Adoption got a nice mention.
It was very exciting.  BUT it is very disappointing to find that the second show will not air in Atlanta.  Part 2 is the show that included the 30 Down and Back Weave Pole Challenge.  It did air in other areas of the country and my in-laws were able to record both shows on DVD (thanks MIL and FIL) so I will eventually get to see it.
I believe the shows will continue to air throughout July.  I even heard that it was seen in Canada.  Remember you can check for your local listings by clicking here.  Type in your zip code and hit the return key.