Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brindle Birthday Bash

I am not usually the type of dog owner to celebrate dog birthdays, but we could not pass up the opportunity to have a birthday party for our brindles.  Interestingly, we have THREE, non-littermate, brindle greyhounds with a June 28th birthday!  We think that is way cool as we did not find out about the birthdays until after we adopted each hound (like that would really be one of my criteria anyway, its hard enough to find my type of greyhound let alone one with the "right" birthday, Ha!).
Stacker turned 12 years old.
Riley turned 5 years old.
Seven turned 3 years old.
Remember these hounds are professionally trained.  Don't try this at home (regarding lit candles). Ha!

For this party, we went with party hats and "Hello Kitty" party plates.  We thought "Hello Kitty" was very fitting since cats are these hounds' favorite animal only second to a squirrel.  Meow!
Generally, we try to allow the hounds to live dignified lives, but sometimes you just have to earn your cupcakes amusing the humans with party hats.  And as we have discussed before, its just something an ex-racer rescued in America just has to put up sometimes.  Its certainly better than the alternative (click here if you have no idea what I'm referencing).
So for their pain and undignified suffering under party hats, I baked them carrot cupcakes with creme cheese icing.  They all approved and gobbled them up.  Here is the recipe (click here).
Of course, we invited their siblings.  Here are the happy guests.
Happy Birthday, Stacker, Riley, and Seven!