Monday, June 6, 2011

Not So Fresh Feeling

Mommm... don't tell them that!

It appears that Seven has that not so fresh feeling. I noticed she had copious amounts of slightly green goo coming from..... her lady part. Being a responsible owner, I took Seven to the vet hoping a round of antibiotics would knock out the infection and we would live happily ever after.

The vet takes a look and explains that her lady part is small and "hooded". I'm thinking that is a good thing. Who wants to see that junk anyway? Well, apparently its healthier for the lady part if it is not so hidden away. Dang it!

The vet explains that Seven has vaginitis and that it could be a chronic problem due to the configuration of her lady part. He explains that getting her to drink more water so she urinates more often is beneficial. Okay, that is easy enough.

He also mentioned that in rare cases the "hood" is removed surgically. "OUCH" as I squirm in my seat. Then he mentioned that there is a douche. "What? For dogs?" Suddenly, memories of that 80's commercial rushes back into my head.
Heck no! I am not douching a dog!  Dr. Toby agreed it was awkward.

We headed home with antibiotics and Seven's innocence intact.