Friday, June 3, 2011

Not Again

It seems that losing our air conditioning is annual affair. We blame Blondie, the hound we are babysitting.  Her real name is Ali, but we don't need two Allie dogs in our house at one time.  Curiously, she was here last year when this happened.  Hmmmm...
Starting bottom left going clockwise - Allie, Riley, Reagan, Stacker, Julie, and Blondie.

We are suffering because we are spoiled and temperatures are in the high 90's. I won't convert that to Celsius because the down under folks were not sympathetic last year. I think it converts to something miserable like 50 degrees or something. Ha!  Plus we have high humidity which makes it all a 1,000 times worse.
Starting bottom right going clockwise - Reagan, Riley, Julie, Blondie, Stacker, Seven by the door, and Allie

Luckily since last year, I have acquired a portable air conditioning unit for another purpose. We quickly secured the office and cranked up that bad boy. It definitely has kept things bearable in the afternoons.
Our Hero (air conditioning repairman) should be here to rescue us mid day tomorrow.  I hope it is an inexpensive and quick fix like last time. 
Riley is very stressed about the whole thing.  I bet you Australians and New Zealanders feel bad now. :-)
Of course, Seven blocked the door so I could not sneak out.  That is okay. I did not want to leave anyway.

Stay cool (or warm if you are heading into winter)!