Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blogger PSA

Just a quick public service announcement for Blogspot bloggers.  Some of you may have noticed you are getting less comments.  I have found that I am unable to comment from my home and work computers if you have your Comment Setting set to "Embedded Below Post".  When I try to comment, it toggles between the comment screen and the sign in screen, but never recognizes that I am ever signed in.  I have tried to email those of you that have emails available, but thought I would do this post for the rest of you.

You can correct the problem, if you go to your Blogspot dashboard and click "Design" (you can see my tutorial photos in a larger format if you double click on the photo).
Click on "Settings" tab.
Click "Comments".
Change to the "full page" or the "pop up window".
Here are a few blogs I used to, but currently cannot comment on:
Apex Agility Greyhounds

Greyt Days

Hiking Hounds

4-Legged Wiums