Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crazy Americans

If you have not read my Ignorance post, click here. You will need to read that to know what I am talking about here.

Just when I thought I would receive no reply, I suddenly get a reply! It said:

I apologise for the delay in replying to your email. I have had computer problems. It is kind of you to send me these links but I prefer to agree to disagree over performing animals. In America you also dress up greyhounds in fancy-dress. To me that is the ultimate indignity to an animal.
Ha! Those crazy Americans dressing up their greyhounds. I thought that was really funny that American greyhound owners are stereotyped in that way.

I almost did not reply until a friend over at A Dog's Journey emailed me me a few lines to work with. I responded:

Thank you for your response. I understand that you love greyhounds and that your opinion comes from wanting the best for each and every greyhound. You may not have this problem in your country, but in the USA, we have many more greyhounds than we have homes. Our primary concern is that the greyhounds are properly cared for and loved. If that includes being dressed up occasionally or jumping over agility hurdles, we figure such a life is much better than being dead. Just as your opinion was formed based on your love of the greyhounds, people that dress up their greyhounds are doing so because they love them and are spending time with them. Same with agility.

I try to remember when tackling something like this that the other person loves her dogs as much as we all do. Attacking or insulting someone isn't going to change their opinion, but maybe we can plant a few ideas and maybe eventually her perspective will change. It will not happen today, but maybe one day. It would have been more tactful of me not to post this on the internet, but it does make for good blog fodder.

Reagan says "NO" to hats!

Again, the miserable greyhounds pictured above belong to me, but they are happy to be alive.