Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Canine Capers Agility Trial

It was a gorgeous weekend for a local agility trial!  Temperatures were awesome and many of us exposed our pale legs in the afternoons. 
Riley ran well again.  We qualified three out of 6 runs and earned a double qualifier.  I always feel great about qualifying 50% of the time and one double qualifier per weekend. 
Here is her double qualifying runs.  Recall that she needs 20 to earn an agility championship.  This is her second one.  The standard run (climbing obstacles) was messy between the A-frame and weave poles, but we got through it.  Jumpers was much smoother and we won first place.
Master Agility Championship Tally: 319 MACH points, 431 to go. 2 double qualifying scores, 18 to go.
 Riley up close and personal with her fan.

At the agility trial venue, there was also a horse show so parking was tight and the site was crowded.  But it is fun to watch the jumping.
Seven was crated in the van and Riley was crated next to the agility ring.  Seven does not love it, but then she only loves being by my side so she will just have to be unsatisfied at times.  I took her for long walks and she seemed to handle separation better since she was unable to see or hear me with Riley.
And then I was mauled by this...
Lulu is a 9 month old Cane Corso.  She is already 100 pounds.  I barely got away. :-)