Sunday, March 27, 2011

1999 Blooper

Since 1999, I have trained or am in the process of training seven greyhounds in agility. As you can imagine, I have gained some experience over the years and am a much better trainer and handler today. I thought you might all enjoy this blooper clip from 1999.
Not only was I a horrible dresser (ugly green sweat pants? what the heck was I thinking?), but I was not a very good trainer/handler. Nonetheless, Jessie and I had fun anyway. So here is a clip from 1999, the year I began competing in agility. It is the agility run I will always remember with Jessie. Due to bad training, Jessie often missed the yellow contact zones, so we rarely qualified in the Standard class. In this run, by some miracle, Jessie manages to get at least a toenail into each required zone. So as I am desperately racing for the last jump, I trip and fall. Jessie runs past the last jump causing us to not qualify and then starts spinning. The spins are hilarious so be sure to watch the last 10 seconds a second time.

Ahhh... the good old days. Jessie has been gone almost seven years now. It is so nice to have photos and videos to remind us when so much time has passed. Good girl, Jess.