Saturday, February 26, 2011

Teeter Training in Three Minutes

Here is one way to train the teeter in just over three minutes... okay, it took much longer than that.  Seven is about up to full height now.  I use an adjustible teeter that I can start low and gradually increase in size.
The teeter can be a real problem for some dogs.  It moves, makes a loud noise, and sometimes dogs mistaken it for the dogwalk and then are surprised when the floor drops out from under them.  Seven appears to have no issues with the teeter. 

As time goes on, Seven seems really solid in handling her environment, new things, and loud noises.  She is old enough that I think if she were going to start developing phobias like Reagan did that I would start seeing hints of something by now.  If anything, Seven is becoming more bombproof each day.  That is a good thing!