Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fetching Weave Poles

As you know, Seven's weave pole style has forced me into uncharted weave pole territory.  A super nice friend loaned me his set of 2X2 weave poles.  The 2X2 method is great for training weave pole entrances.  As if weaving was not hard enough, the dog has to enter the weave poles with the first pole passing the left shoulder.  Riley's entrances are pretty solid if her approach is relatively straight, but odd angles are tough.

I decided not to miss this opportunity to retrain Riley with the 2X2 method and improve her entrances.  I will show more video of how 2X2 training progresses in another post, but wanted to share this funny clip.  Riley was trying to figure out what she was suppose to do and was giving me some creative offerings.