Wednesday, February 23, 2011

But Fun to Train

Here is Seven working contact obstacles and the chute.
And the weave poles are improving.  I am doing both Weave-O-Matics ("V") and 2X2 methods.  With the Weave-O-Matics, I closed them up much sooner than I usually do and it has forced her into better form.  She is still doing a lot of the two foot weaving which I think of as a small dog style.  See how she will often put her two front feet on the same side and then moves them both to the other side.
For comparison, here is Reagan doing the one foot style. Only one front foot on each side at a time.  It generally seems more efficient for bigger dogs so I hope that Seven will adopt this style eventually.
You all had a lot of comments on the last post.  I thought I would address them here.
I guess the powers above think I need to acquire more patience and learn to deal with frustration. :-)
It does not matter if Riley or Seven trains first.  Seven thinks it should be her turn 24/7.  Nothing distracts during her tantrum.  I provide stuffed Kongs and she works through them very quickly and then starts the upheaval.  If I provide something challenging and longer lasting, she opts out and gets right to her hissy fit.
Kathy, Sam is never to meet Seven.  I do not want him giving her any ideas. :-)  I believe her frustration has to do with not being able to get to me.  She is a little bit stimulated by dogs running agility, but not to lure coursing extremes or anything out of the ordinary.  I think I am her lure.
I've thought about the Manners Minder, but I need to test the range.  I wonder if the remote works from 100 feet away.  I would also have to change her food as the kibble I use for dinner does not pass through even the largest holes.
Seven broke out of the crate by pulling the front panel down into the crate.  Its a collapsible crate that I have never collapsed.  Couldn't figure out how and was not easy. It did take a lot of brute force.
Yes, I have Crate Games and worked on it for awhile.  Seven progressed quickly and loved playing the crate games, but it was just too slow going to bridge it into eliminating this problem.    At some point, I just had to get back to training Riley.

We had a better day today. Ten repetitions of Seven having to be quiet, closed mouth (not panting), and head down in her van crate before earning meals, company, and training sessions.  She is capable of settling down.


Anonymous said...


Looks like Seven is making great progress with only a few months of training. She is enthusiastic.

Nice work.

Lisa S.

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

I don't know where the cut off is in terms of big and small, but I find many border collies do the two foot method, but maybe I just haven't seen enough border collies run agility and the ones I did see were the minority!

houndstooth said...

She's really doing well with the agility! Wow!

As far as the crate tantrums go, it sounds like you may just have to grit your teeth and wait her out. Maybe with time and not getting what she wants she'll figure out that it's not paying off. It's always easier said than done when you're not the one dealing with it, though!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I had assumed that Layla would single-stride the weave poles too, but she doesn't; she hops them. She's 23.5" at the withers so she's definitely tall enough to use one leg, but oh well! Someone told me that if I had weave-a-matics I could angle it in such a way that she'd be forced to single stride, but I don't think it's worth the effort and expense.

kippen64 said...

So pleased to read that Seven is improving.

greytblackdog said...

As leggy as a grey is I'm surprised she tries to 2 leg it. Funny looking for sure. Do you like the 2x2 method? That's how roxy learned so quickly.

On the drama Seven causes, do you think you could take a look at your controlled unleashed book and try that method with her? It is a reactive dog issue - just one for you :)

greytblackdog said...

Ok, so after wine this evening I was catching up on your back posts since I've been out of it this month and I started thinking - what if you didn't use a crate for her while you trained? What if you taught her to down stay on a bed or mat the whole time? I know it's not a permanent solution, but it would take the stress off the situation and the skill could be used in other situations. The "safe mat" from the CU book worked great for Roxy and we use it in random places - like restaurants, pet smart, etc. Maybe get Seven a special mat for training time and keep her "working" the whole time. IDK - maybe this is the wine talking.

Catalina said...

You'll think this is funny, but I marked this post and now that I'm training my dog to weave (or trying to at least) I came back to read it.
I like how you tried different methods with your different dogs, until you found something that worked.
We have been struggling with the channel method for 3 months now, because every one that I talk to/take lessons from says it is the best method.

Tonight I tried the V weave a matics and Tibby was having a blast single stepping through them. FUN!