Thursday, January 13, 2011

Harriman Agility

Riley and I competed in Harriman, Tennessee last weekend.  She continues to run well and we have a wonderful time!  While Riley hit all of the required yellow contact zones, her performance, per her training, was not correct.  I have trained her to complete the dogwalk and A-frame with her two front feet on the ground and her hind feet still on the obstacle until released, but she was quick to release herself this weekend.  That is okay. I can remind her next week.
I was hoping we would earn our first double qualifying score (clean run in Standard and Jumpers in same day), but it was not to be just yet.  On Friday, Riley qualified in Excellent Standard (includes the climbing obstacles) and Jumpers was so very close.  I signaled her too early and pulled her off of a jump she should have taken before turning.
On Saturday, Riley qualified in Standard (see video below), but blew past the weave poles in Jumpers.  Sunday's runs were very close, but no cigar.
Master Agility Championship Tally: 107 MACH points, 690 to go. Zero double qualifying scores, 20 to go.

2012 Agility Nationals qualification before November 30, 2011:  80 MACH points, 320 to go. Zero double qualifying scores, 6 more to go.