Sunday, January 16, 2011

Camping Firsts

Riley, Seven, and I camped in my tent at the Harriman agility trial.  This was my first time back to tent camping since May 2008, before Travis died.  It was the first time for Riley and Seven.  It was the first time during winter.... luckily indoors.
Although indoors, is was not without hardships.  For one, the building is not heated at night.  It certainly was not as bitter as the snowy, windy, cold conditions outside, but the fleeces, long sleeves, space heater, and electric blanket were necessities.  It was also very dusty with the stirred up dirt hanging in the air long after everyone had left. 
One other brave soul camped as well and he was an excellent neighbor and knew everything you need to know about camping at Harriman.  Camping is definitely a money saver, but it is labor intensive.  I especially hate having to use the bath house facilities, but its almost free, so I get over it.
The girls did really well with camping.  Recall that Riley has some issues with hotel rooms and tends to have a meltdown on day 2 just outside the room.  However, she did really well with camping.  Sometimes she was very alert to our neighbor outside of our tent.  I sometimes asked him to say hi to the girls and hearing his voice would settle her down.  I am hoping she outgrows her weirdness all together.  Seven could care less about it all. 
But Seven does care about being by my side 24/7 and continues to voice her opinion on the manner.  The trial was a really good experience for her.  She had to see me come in and out of sight over and over.  Sometimes it was her turn to come out and sometimes it was Riley's turn.  She was never alone as there are lots of other people and dogs at the trial coming and going at all times.
Focus will certainly not be a problem for Seven.  While Riley snoozes and recharges her batteries, Seven is on high alert at all times.  I was surprised that she was not exhausted each night, but really she was not.

The Harriman trial is situated next door to a college that has a nice walking path and a field for the girls to play fetch in.  We go for long walks each day.
Riley was nice to carry the wet, slimy fetch toy back to... well, of course, until I took a picture of her doing it and she promptly dropped it and made me carry it the rest of the way. 
All in all, we had a lot of fun and despite the approaching snow storm and nail in my tire, we made it home safe and sound.


Catalina said...

Glad everything went well! Even with a nail in your tire - that would be awful!

houndstooth said...

Camping is one thing we have not done with the girls, and I admit, I'm not a huge camping fan, but I've been thinking more and more about trying it -- in warmer weather.

Maybe Riley will decide that hotel rooms are no big deal if she has another confident hound travelling partner!

Lauren said...

Looks like fun! But yes...I can't agree more with turning my nose up to the (free) bathroom facilities.


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Very cool! I wish places locally let us camp indoors. It would save me a lot of time driving, and I can't afford hotels often.

I loved watching the videos in the previous post. She looks amazing!

Winnie said...

The Man Of The House has often suggested camping....the Lady Of The House is less sure about being without her home comforts.

The LOTH got nails in two tyres on the same day a few weeks - so we feel your pain.

Love and licks Winnie

Hiking Hounds said...

Riley and Seven look very cozy in their beds. :-)

jcp said...

Indoor event camping.... I LOVE it! Great Idea.

Sandy ~~~ said...

Camping is good enough as a stand alone but adding dogs makes it super fun!

Muttsandaklutz said...

I love venues that allow on-site camping. Haven't seen any in my area that allow indoor camping though -- that would be neat!

andrea said...

That sounds like quite an experience - I've never done indoor camping but we do outdoor camping and variations there of with the dogs sometimes - lots of fun! The trial sounded fun too :)

Lisa Stine said...

What an awesome idea! Indoor camping, who knew???

Kathy said...

You're a brave soul :)
Glad you and the girls had fun.

greytblackdog said...

Hooray for camping. I'm excited that Seven is more comfortable in an environment with others around. I guess high alert isn't as exhausting as most other greyhounds think it is.