Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Katie has concerning days. I tend to only post pictures and videos of her doing well, but the truth is that she has some bad weeks and then bounces back.

Last week, Katie fell a couple of times while going potty or while trying to play. Toppling onto her backside makes her nervous and unhappy. I hate to see her shaking. She has also had days that she has been too lame to do rehab exercises. Some of her nights seem uncomfortable and restless.

Normally, Katie is an excellent pill taker. She is so food motivated she has never cared what is surrounded by cheese. Now she is giving me problems and is suspicious of unearned treats. Luckily, she still likes the taste of Deramax.

Unfortunately, Katie is having a very bad week. On Monday, she had a great day, but since Tuesday morning, she has been in a lot of pain... the most pain she has ever been. We are having to carry her or support her rear end with a towel around her waist. We added Amantadine to her drug arsenal of Deramax and Gabapentin.

There have been some ups and downs, but none of the "ups" have been close to acceptable to me. The difference this time is that she is complaining about her right foot. Recall that the left leg is neurological, had a toe amputated, and has a weird toe that she has been complaining about. She has been off and on lame on her left leg for months now, but now she is extremely painful on her right leg. So much pain that she is choosing to put all of her weight back on the left leg. I'm sure the right leg has suffered quite a pounding as she has compensated for the neurological leg for the last 3 years and especially in the last few months. Unfortunately, the neurological leg is not able to bear the burden of her entire rear end.

I am not sure where this is headed or how much time I will give her to bounce back. Katie is the Queen of the Bounce Back so I am not giving up hope just yet, but her current state is completely unacceptable..... :-(