Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Old Dog Obedience

I teach a greyhound obedience training class in Georgia and just finished teaching the summer session. In the last class, I like to demonstrate how to brush dog teeth. I decided to drive my car and bring Katie so I could show everyone what greyhound teeth at age 12 look like if you take care of them.

Katie was so happy to be at the training building. She bolted to the door. She really seems to enjoy doing some of her old obedience "tricks". I always think it is fun to ask her to do things she hasn't practiced in months. It is always great to work with Katie.

First we did two go outs where I send her to the other end of the ring. Next, a dumbbell retrieve and then some heeling ending with signals. I cue her to down, sit, and recall with hand signals. Lastly, a couple of toy fetches.

Katie says she is not tired and is ready for more. Her rear end might argue, but so far she overrules anything it might be saying.