Monday, June 28, 2010


Since things have been going well with Reagan on BuSpar, I decided to attempt our toughest noise phobia challenge.... the train. She has not been to my favorite hiking spot since March due to the sort of nearby train that passes every 10 minutes on some days. On this occasion, I did use Xanax. Might as well use everything I can initially and consider weaning off later.

A train passed as soon as I arrived, so I turned up the van radio and did not unload the hounds until it was gone. On our hike, we hear trains several times along with lots of boat motors. Reagan did great! We then took the dogs down to the lake and Reagan was hilarious. She really enjoyed splashing around and pouncing on waves created by a passing boat.

I do not think Reagan appreciated Riley's participation... nor did I. Riley simply wants to chase everyone and would never dream of being the lure for anyone else. She will be on leash the next time Reagan has lake access.

I got the impression, I might have a problem with Reagan if she had heard the train in the parking lot. I will continue to try to avoid for now.

Happy Birthday to Riley! She turns the big 04 today.