Friday, June 25, 2010

Floating Peanut

This is Peanut, my sister's greyhound. She adopted her nearly 2 years ago. Peanut is a greyhound of extremes. Obviously very laid back, but has a very anxious side of her as well.

Peanut was not the racing trainer's favorite. Although she was a solid runner at the dead end track, she had broken numerous teeth gnawing at the crate and could be very vocal when upset. No doubt she was trouble in the kennel. The trainer apologized for giving her to the adoption group, but said the owner had insisted she go to an adoption group when space was available (see, some racing owners are good people).
Peanut sat in the adoption kennel for a few months. She was already 5 years old, not very flashy, and she was labeled too high prey to mingle with small dogs. My sister began fostering several months after her heart greyhound, Spooky, had passed away and Peanut was Denise's third foster greyhound, I believe.

Peanut proved to be a great farm dog. She has no problem with flies, horses, or napping on concrete barn isles. When she is hot, she stands in the wash rack waiting for someone to hose her off.

My sister, Denise, was looking mostly for two traits. Number one, the greyhound had to get along with her mixed breed dog, Limo (being chased in picture above). Peanut and Limo got along great. They wrestle, play, nip at each others ankles, and Limo makes a great lure. Obviously, Peanut can keep her prey drive in check. Number two, Denise prefers a greyhound that will stick close and not disappear on the 60 acre horse farm. Well, Peanut rarely lets Denise out of sight.

Long-time readers have seen Peanut in the pool before. She is so relaxed and really seems to enjoy just staying cool on a hot day. We had a lot of fun with her last weekend.


houndstooth said...

Oh, I think I just fell in love! What a riot! Proof that greyhounds really can sleep anywhere! I've really been thinking hard about getting one of those life vests, but I haven't been able to decide what size to get.

Peanut reminds me of a phrase someone I used to know often said about one of his greyhounds. "Pinch that dog to make sure he's still breathing!" What a mellow girl!

Sharron said...

This video made me smile. My greys don't even want to get in a baby pool! I liked how Peanut wanted to be pushed around the pool - why not let someone else do the work for her?? :)

Lindsay said...

I'm in LOVE with the picture of her in the sunglasses on the floaty mat! She looks like she's on a tropical vacation. The video just totally cracked me up though! That's so awesome!

whygreyhounds said...

Peanut looks really cute, just floating along enjoying the experience. Loved at the end she finally pops in a few swimming strokes.

Peanut looks like a really lovely Greyhound, very chilled out!

Ramona said...

I would LOVE a good farm greyhound!!! My 9 year old greyhound is scared of horses and small dogs...sooo kind of a wimp! LOL

I LOVE Peanut! We just lost a greyhound, Binah, in early May to a heart tumor and epilepsy induced coma and she looked just like Peasnut!

Muttsandaklutz said...

Ha! What a character, chilling out in the pool like that -- great video. Beautiful photos, too. The one of her on the floating mat should be entered in a contest or something -- so cool.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

I love reading about my own Nut, er dog:-) She's been a great fit for everyone, especially Limo. She has let go of alot of her anxiety over the last two years and has come a long way, she's definetley a fun hound.

Elaine Summerhill said...

Oh that is hilarious! What a character!