Friday, June 18, 2010

Farm Visit

Riley and I visited with my sister and played on the horse farm last weekend. It is always a lovely way to spend a weekend. I debated about bringing Reagan, but decided to leave her behind and go with no worries.
Riley meeting Lester, my sister's thoroughbred.
I practiced lots of recalls with Riley as we hiked the 60 acres of pasture.  She did really well.
I saved about 15 frogs from the broken hot tub that keeps filling up with rain water.  It was gross.  Several frogs had died already and those that were alive were trapped.  It was not easy to be their hero.

The rest of the farm was as beautiful as it always is.
Lester is very accommodating when Denise is hosing off his nether region.  Denise looks like she is having fun too.
Go ahead, Riley, you are getting a bath later.