Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Open Level Obedience

Since I have started teaching Riley Open level obedience exercises, I thought I would show Katie and Travis competing in Open so readers who do not compete in obedience would know what we are working towards.

This is Katie competing in New York (see, she used to be fine for 15 hour drives) at the Greyhound Nationals in 2007. Obedience was at the beginning of the day with few greyhound entries. Kathy Helmke and I made up majority of obedience entries, each with two greyhounds. You can see there were few spectators. And check out that busy road! I was warned ahead of time about the show site (thank you, Kathy), but had zero concerns with my two trusty hounds. This is actually Katie's very last show. The Greyhound Nationals were on Wednesday and she competed through the rest of the weekend. But about 10 days later she suffered her neurological injury that forced her to retire, ready or not. She won first place (against Travis) with a 195.5 out of 200 possible points.

This is Travis competing locally in Newnan, Georgia. He tortured me at the Open level. Katie completed her Open title (CDX) in 5 attempts.... I lost count on Travis. He never had a consistent problem, but would present a new goofy way of doing something that would earn a disqualifying score. Missed a couple of drop on recalls for sure. He did a 5 minute stand stay instead of a down stay once. Laid down during a couple of sit stays. On one occasion, he jumped the broad jump and then just kept on going to jump the ring gating and check out my chair... cause the treats were over there. I believe Travis qualified with a score in the high 180's here.


Kathy said...

I love watching videos of Travis and Katie working. I feel fortunate in that I got to meet both of them in my lifetime. If Blaze could ever be 1/10 like Travis I would be on the moon :)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Ha! You feel fortunate.... can you imagine how awesome I feel that they were/are both mine! :-) Pretty dang awesome! Always glad to hear that someone else is appreciating them too.

houndstooth said...

I've seen videos of them working on your blog before, but never those two! They were certainly poetry in motion!

I am glad I'm not the only person with people in the background talking about my "greyhound dog" while it's being filmed!

Samantha said...

Oh excellent job with both dogs! Just fabulous! Am working on Open with Sammie right now - have the frustrations. (Needing work on one exercise, but good on Broad Jump.... then next day, won't take Broad and does terrific on scary retrieve over high...) What is UP with these things???~!!! Congrats on your Open titles! Super job - love these movies!

Sandy ~~~ said...

Terrific!!! Inspiring too, particularly with the Greyhounds. I have put CD titles on English Setters and a Gordon Setter, but now am working with my Grey. The sit is the biggest bugaboo right now. Working him slowly out of the down to the right position...hope that works!

whygreyhounds said...

Great stuff!! You and your wonderful Greys are inspiring. I always learn something from your videos, appreciate you posting them.