Monday, January 11, 2010

Golden Child - Part 3

Despite Riley's promotion to Golden Child, she is still a troublemaker around the house. Recently, Snookums got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Riley knocked them over and broke the vase before I could see them. "I just wanted to smell them."

Riley also scaled this baby gate. Jumping a baby gate is not that difficult especially for a dog that routinely jumps the same height. However, Riley jumped it from a stand still on slippery hardwood floors and had to include the two steps behind the gate making it quite a hazard.Why did Riley jump the baby gate? She needed to be pee and was urgent to let us know. She is definitely house trained, but inconvenient at times. She usually needs to go outside right as we are sitting down for dinner or starting a movie... or 10 minutes before the movie ends. The time is never right.

Lastly, Riley will not leave my fuzzy house shoes alone. I have to wear them or hide them. Stephen caught her once carrying them around together like a good dog fetching her master's slippers.... except she was not bringing them to me. Ok, that wraps up the Riley updates. Lastly, the Greyhound Puppy calendars are now only $10!