Saturday, January 9, 2010

Golden Child - Part 2

Riley is also doing very well in agility. Get your glasses on because here is one of my famous do-it-yourself videos.

I recently took the girls to an agility run thru. A run thru is when a facility sets up an agility course and then charges a fee for each time you wish to run your dog.

Thanks to Reagan, I now have a teeter issue myself. The teeter at this facility seemed huge, loud, and unstable. Reagan is not teetering full height at home yet so I was not about to have her do this one. I hesitated and thought about not asking Riley to do it either. I was worried that Riley would hate this scary teeter and develop a teeter problem also. I decided I was being unreasonable and asked Riley to do it on leash. It was indeed loud. Riley slammed it down so hard it bounced her around on the landing... Riley was fine and slammed it down again and again. Good girl!