Thursday, January 7, 2010

Golden Child

Riley is the new Golden Child. She has been working hard and doing really well. She is almost ready to compete in Novice obedience. I want her sit stays to be a bit more reliable and for her to be a little more polished. Other than that, she can do all of the exercises and is pretty darn cute.

This is Riley working on heeling figure "8s". She is really good at moving her rear end, but over does it and steps on me. Its funny to see in this video how wide she steps.

Here is more figure "8" heeling, but outside with better light. It was Christmas day and very cold and windy. Snookums was with me and able to video so I did not pass up the chance despite the weather.

Here is some regular heeling. Nice and focused.

I am starting to train jackpots. Riley and Reagan are both learning that you do this for a couple of minutes and you get an extra big treat.

Here is a front and finish. Excellent front. It is straight, but the finish was crooked.