Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hit the Road

I have started walking Katie in my neighborhood. There is a nice loop that blocks around to a distance of about 0.7 miles. It works perfectly because I can do it at night. Even though I leave work at 3 PM, there are just not enough daylight hours to accomplish what I want to with Reagan, Riley, AND Katie.My biggest concern is her nails. She moves funny and wears them down.So far, so good. Some of her nails are already worn down to tiny nubs, but none have started bleeding from the walks. Hopefully the quicks have adjusted and receded some.When it is possible, I do walk Katie off the road. This house is a foreclosure and is unoccupied. Katie and I serpentine across the lawn up and down the hill.Sometimes we even see some wildlife. I saw a possum last night and some chickens today.A registered sex offender use to live here. I never worried because kids were his thing. He was old and has probably died by now. Thank goodness for the kids next door. I always wondered if they knew.I carry a big stick just in case. It is my Loose-Dog-Club. I am happy that I have never had to use it.Sometimes Stephen and I talk about moving to a nicer neighborhood, but it seems hardly worth doubling our mortgage payment. I'd much rather spend money on a nice van and agility equipment.