Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Permission Granted

KL's Mandoid From Marze CDX MX MXJ was the first greyhound to earn the Master Agility Excellent and Master Excellent Jumper titles (MX and MXJ) in AKC Agility. The MX and MXJ are earned with 10 clean runs in the Excellent Standard and Excellent Jumper levels. Mandoid was also the first greyhound to qualify and compete at an AKC Agility Nationals.I got to see Mandoid run a couple of times. Her agility career was finishing up as I was starting up with Jes and Teresa. Mandoid was a super diva. She passed away in 2003, but she is still the #4 or 5 greyhound in AKC Agility for lifetime achievement.When Mandoid passed away, Kate wanted Katie to have Mandoid's fleece coat. It meant a lot to Kate that Katie was kept warm with Mandoid's coat on the chilly February day that she became the first greyhound to earn an agility championship. The fleece coat was perfect for keeping Katie warm when she was camping in a tent or crated on a cold day.But Katie, does not need the coat anymore. I did not want to use the coat on anyone else without Kate's permission. I would retire it if preferred. I recently asked Kate if the fleece coat could be passed onto Reagan and she agreed. It fits Reagan even better than Katie and hopefully Reagan will do Mandoid, Kate, and Katie proud..... well heck, I'd like to be proud too! :-)