Sunday, January 3, 2010

Head Spinning

My head is spinning. There is so much to write about. I don't know where to start. Today is Sunday and the last day of the holidays. My eyes open at 6:30 AM and OH MY DOG, WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!?! Katie has diarrhea again for the forth time in recent past, but this morning she soiled two dog beds instead of one. I want to scream at her, but for obvious reasons I don't... so I am going to scream at my blog:


Ok, I feel better. I need to get to the bottom of Katie's problem as it keeps reoccurring. Right now, both dog beds are in my front yard. I just want to throw them away and buy new waterproof dog beds, but yesterday we bought a new car, so we can't afford new dog beds... or at least that is my state of mind right now. More about the new car in a later post. Training has come to a screeching halt. Normally, nothing interrupts my training routine, but it is seriously cold. Right now it is almost 11 AM, the sun is shining, and it is only 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The greyhounds and I can tough out and train in 40 degrees. Usually, I choose to run or hike when it is 30 degrees. But 20's are downright cold. All I can say is that it better snow this year! Despite the training interruption, I do have several training update videos to share in future posts. Reagan is regaining her confidence on the teeter, but has some other issues. She seems so fragile at times. Long-term, I am not sure if she will hold up, but I hope she does. She has so much potential. More about that later. Riley on the other hand has gone from red-headed stepchild to the Golden Child. I am sometimes blown away by her intelligence. She is the only greyhound I have ever seen pull a sweet gum ball out of her paw with her teeth. Ok, maybe that does not make her a genius, but I appreciate the problem solving. All in all, Riley is ready and I'm contemplating her agility trial schedule. Happy New Year! Good luck with the resolutions and weight loss. I have a few pounds too lose myself.

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