Saturday, November 21, 2009

ASFA Greyhound Specialty

A month ago, Southeastern Greyhound Association hosted the National Greyhound Specialty for ASFA lure coursing in Moreland Georgia. ASFA is the American Sighthound Field Association. As you know, I do not lure course my girls since the risk of injury is very high, but I enjoy watching the occasional event. This lure coursing event was extra special because some greyhound coursing fans from England came to visit. Arron Atmore is a professional slipper (seen below at the Waterloo Cup in England). At dinner, he spoke about coursing in England and Ireland and also told the story of Evie, the only American Greyhound to compete in the prestigious Waterloo Cup. The story of Evie's adventures in England is an awesome one, but unfortunately her coursing videos are not on Youtube to assist in the telling. Another Brit below. Everyone called him Froto or Frodo and claimed he was a hobbit. Isn't he adorable! :-)For those who have never seen lure coursing below, here you go:

Here is John and Laura Parker's greyhound, Cole, getting ready to run.And don't ask. All I can say is this greyhound is well loved by her young owner..... and warm. :-)