Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Error In Judgement

Okay, so I made a stupid mistake at the seminar. As you know, Reagan had 2 fly offs on the teeter in recent agility trials (see example below).

You never want your agility dog to get hurt or surprised on an obstacle. There are many dogs that are never fully comfortable with the teeter.

So when it was my turn to have Reagan do the teeter, a little voice in my head said I should put her on leash, but I did not listen. I thought Reagan would see that it is a teeter since we were working the teeter by itself. Well, Reagan assumed it was a dogwalk and charged to the end only to be surprised when it dropped out from under her. Dang it!

After that, Reagan refused to get back on it and then refused to even do the A-frame. This was not the place to work out such issues so I put her away for the day.

I was not sure what to expect the next time we went to our home field. Luckily, she demonstrated the problem at home which gave me ample opportunity to start from scratch. So Reagan and I have been doing some remedial teeter training, starting small, and gradually increasing the height and pivot range. She is doing great and I think will be ready for January's trial.

Obviously, she is not losing any sleep over it. However, I am so obssessive I did not sleep well for a couple of nights because of it. I was so mad at myself :-).