Friday, September 25, 2009

Zanie Flyers

A typical agility trial prize is an inexpensive dog toy. Over the years, Katie and Travis have won countless toys and the hounds and I have become fond of the Zanie Flyer. The Zanie Flyer is a disc shaped stuffy toy with a squeaker. The greyhounds love stuffy toys and I love something I can throw some distance. The Zanie Flyer is the best of both worlds. With Travis gone over a year now, I noticed my Zanie Flyer supply dewendling.... down to 3 to be exact. Some are destroyed or lost. Others are thrown on roofs or behind the wall at the training building. No problem. I can just order some, right? WRONG! The Zanie Flyer has been discontinued! Oh, no! What will I do?*

Well, I tell my friends. I put the word out that I need Zanie Flyers. Pat, Diane, and Dena come through with handful of used Flyers from their personal stash. I am most grateful! And then Dena (who thinks I'm hilarious) posts my request on a Boxer Yahoo email list. People who don't even know me, reply to Dena's request. Asking for nothing in return, Beth from Virginia and Jill from Tennessee sent me their Zanie Flyers. And then best of all, Terry from North Dakota sends me EIGHT BRAND NEW ZANIE FLYERS! I could not believe it.
I just want to say thank you again to Pat, Diane, Dena, Jill, Beth, and Terry. I will take good care of them and put them to good use. I will not throw these out of reach!

*I know some of you will try to be helpful and Google "Zanie Flyer" anyway. Don't waste your time. I've tried to buy them from the sites they come up on and they are either too difficult to work with, grossly over priced, or they are discontinued, but don't tell you until you get to your shopping cart.