Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Body Slam

As summer comes to a close, here are some funny pictures from our last trip to the farm that I have neglected to post. Just a little reminder to those in Georgia that sometimes days are clear and the sun does shine.

Reagan is not very nice. You might think she looks sweet, but that is the face of evil. This is the "I-Am-Going-To-Catapult-Off-Of-You" warning expression. Reagan leaves me bruised and battered. It is an abusive relationship.
Please try to to imagine me with an awesome tan in the next two photos. I could not get a decent tan even if my life depended on it. Notice that my arm looks totally awesome though as I protect myself from the battering ram. Going to the gym pays off!
Reagan is a funny, but brutal little girl. Thank goodness she only weighs 52 pounds. I have never had a greyhound make me laugh so much. Reagan is hilarious.