Monday, September 28, 2009

Rain Delay

Rain delays are for wussies! As some of you know, Georgia has been enduring an endless onslaught of rain. I have become a Doppler radar junkie. Last Sunday, I was getting my latest fix when it finally stopped raining. Yippee! I loaded the dogs and I headed towards my agility field. And then this started: is getting worse. But wait! Is that blue sky up ahead? Yes. It is blue sky! And it is clearing up! My Doppler radar reading skills are paying off.

Heck, yes! Less than a mile to go! This is perfect wearing-out-greyhound-weather.

Two minutes pass.......

Are you kidding me?!?!?

Well, I am already here! So I train anyway and I leave looking like this. Don't ask me why I have a dry spot or why I have a dry spot there. I have no idea.
Not the sexiest shoes, but my feet stayed dry!

And then I got to drive home! People, don't take pictures when you are driving in this kind of weather. Don't worry, I was barely moving.