Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Girl Now

I am pleased to report that Reagan is now doing weave poles like they are suppose to be done. I have closed all 12 completely. No offset poles. No "V's". I have guides on the last 6 just to make sure she finishes, but she has been entering them perfectly and smoothly finishing through the guides. She looks great. Its funny how it will suddenly click. They look as though they will never get it and then one day they do. Now we just need to practice and build the muscle memory.

So for those who ask when I will finally enter Reagan in a trial. I think I am aiming for September. I would prefer to stay close to home for the first few trials (in case we bomb :-) and we don't have any local trials in Georgia during the summer. Six more months gives us time to really put it all together and attend some agility run-thrus for practice. I also need to get her spayed and recorded with the AKC so she is eligible to compete. Plus she is not even two years old yet! There is no rush.