Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tails From The Deep

The girls all had swimming again this weekend. We had to torture Katie with a van ride. The swimming is just so good for her. Its such a safe way to tire her out without the risk of injury.
The weather was perfect.... clear and 70 degrees F. Eva had removed the plastic bubble that surrounds the heated pool in winter. Great for swimming and picture taking (thanks, Stephen).

Both Reagan and Riley swim with a lot of force. It reminds me of Travis. He would swim so hard to get to his bumper as fast as he could. I don't think Reagan and Riley realize that they can relax and swim.

Sometimes Reagan just can't look :-). So dramatic!

Both are rough with my fingers. I have to be careful not to lose any.

Swimming is hard work.... taking a break with Eva.

All in all, I'm very pleased with how well all of the girls are swimming.


BrittBeah said...

Can we say SPAM!

Katie looks so cute with her cheeks puffed out in the first pic. almost like she is holding her breath.
The girls crack me up jumping up to get treats, like little sharks.

Ridlon Tails said...

Love to see the greys swimming! What great exercise for hound and human. =)

gyeong said...

As BrittBeah said, it does remind me of feeding killer whales or dolphins in the pool. That's probably the only way I could get my kids to swim. Looks like they had fun.

greytblackdog said...

I love the pic of Reagan with her eyes closed. It's just too much!

My swim collar arrived on Saturday! I've showed the video of your girls swimming to both Roxy and Seka and they look at me like I'm half crazy. It may take a bit more than chicken to get them in the pool I'm afraid. Oh - the swim collars are on sale at Petco right now online.

BTW - how do they get into the pool? Do they jump in? Is there a ramp? Do you carry them in? What's the procedure? What about the first time?

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Gotta love SPAM... I've already deleted it once.

It took Salmon burgers the first time out... now they will eat anything.

Eva just carries them in the pool. Katie will use the steps to get in... they are big and dog friendly.


Sientay L said...

They look great swimming! I wish Dino would get that swimming is like running but no stress. He would just swim to the end of the pool and try to get out. No continuous laps, even with treats.
He actually goes tomorrow. He's not sitting down very well.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

I love the pic of Reagan with her eyes closed...
cute title BTW.
OK, I think Mom and Dad need to put in a small in ground pool and charge people to swin their dogs:-)