Monday, February 9, 2009

A Year Gone By

I met Reagan about one year ago...... I actually picked her on my birthday, but had to wait almost 2 weeks to get her. Back then she was the nameless "I" pup and the alpha bitch of 7 other 10 month old puppies. Reagan and her littermates had never worn collars or been outside of the sandy run they called home. I never realized how much I take leash walking for granted since my dogs (before Reagan) had come mostly leash trained already. It was interesting to say the least. Click here for the whole story.
Reagan's sassy attitude and bold nature edged her in front of my second choice. Both liked food, but Reagan was in every one's business and she was more willing to investigate the farm property than any of her littermates.

There have been times when I have wondered if the "B" pup would have been a better choice. I tried to find her a performance home, but no one was interested at the time. I am not sure which adoption group she went to, but she is probably enjoying her new life as well.

In the last year, Reagan has really developed nicely and I could not be happier. We met when she was queen of the littermates and ruler of the sandy kennel run. Well, her current housemates don't take her antics and growls very seriously, but Reagan still subjects them to puppy piling. She likes to be close.

No one is safe from Reagan's head resting.

Reagan just has to be in the middle and touching someone. Her habit does not make her popular with the other hounds.

Reagan's on leash impressions of a hooked fish have turned into willingness to follow along and moments of brilliant heeling.

Life together started with some silly puppy fears (the scary paper weight) and some noise sensitivity, but now she can slam noisy teeter boards to the ground.

I thought she would need more mental maturity before tackling the weave poles, but just under 2 years of age, she nearly has them mastered.

The greyhound pup from an unremarkable litter is well on her way to a successful agility and obedience career.

Recent picture of Reagan's mom, Task Spring Buds, below.