Thursday, February 12, 2009


The last three times Katie has gone to swimming rehab, I have also had Riley and Reagan swim. Katie swims for 30 minutes and the youngsters each swim for 15 minutes.

I would love to have another greyhound that loves swimming as much as Travis did. It would be so cool to have another one that would retrieve and dock jump, but I will settle for just swimming. Travis was probably far too special to have a repeat.

Katie has gotten very comfortable with swimming as you can see below. At times, it appears that Katie avoids getting within Eva's reach. She will turn and swim away from Eva who forces her to rest periodically. I would love for Riley and Reagan to be as comfortable.

Last summer, we tried to teach Reagan to swim with no success. She did not enjoy it at all. She has not enjoyed the swimming sessions either and at times appears to be clinging to Eva for dear life.

I figured that forcing Reagan to swim would either teach her that swimming is fun or scar her for life. Sessions 1 and 2, I would have told you we were scarring her for life.

Session 3 had a major break through. She started out as expected. Clinging to Eva or trying to get out of the pool when released. However, she started to swim along the side of the pool for treats. Even turning herself around like Katie does to follow me. I could not have been more pleased. It was a huge turning point.

Riley started out shell shocked as well. During Session 1, she would only accept salmon burger bites and refused all other treats. During the second Session, Riley had a little break through and started to swim for treats rather than trying to climb out of the pool. She did even better the third time.

I am really hoping that this summer, Riley and Reagan will swim along the dock like Katie does. Its such great exercise especially when it is hot.