Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tea for Dogs?

I have started drinking green tea lately. I'll be honest. I don't think it tastes very good. I would much prefer to drink Dr. Pepper, but Dr. Pepper is not healthy. I am also just not a water drinker, so tea has been a good way to get me drink more water. After learning about the healthy properties of green tea, I started thinking that green tea might be good for dogs too.

I have always heard that alfalfa is an excellent clean source of vitamins and powdered alfalfa is one of the few supplements I "sometimes" add to the raw food diet. Well, I found an alfalfa tea and not surprisingly, it tastes a little like hay. I also found a tea made from Rooibos Leaf that is high in anti-oxidants and also caffeine free.

I have been creating a mixture of 50% tea and 50% water and so far my greyhounds have found it to be very drinkable. Allie and Reagan seem to like it especially and have to be chased away from the punch bowl once they have had more than enough.