Monday, February 16, 2009

Not So Hot

Katie (age 10) is not her usual self these last few days. If she were just a house dog, I would be none the wiser, but that is not the case with a hound usually so active.

Her anxiety about traveling in the van has escalated to full blow resistance and panic attacks. Katie is not just uncomfortable, she is now panting and shaking and refuses food. Katie has NEVER refused food before now. She also resists loading and is clearly indicating that she would prefer to be left behind. I hate that she feels this way.

Katie, by nature, is sassy, confident, and fearless, but that greyhound has been gone for awhile now. Over the last year, I have seen fear and anxiety start to wash over her. Her sensitivity to noise has gone from nonexistent to significant. Her confident attitude has diminished to one of caution. I attributed the caution to her Fibrocartilaginous Emboli. I can understand how not having full control over your body's movements can be scary at times, but this is starting to be excessive.

Last week, I had blood work done. I was most interested in Katie's thyroid since that sometimes can produce strange behavior. Her blood work looked great, but her thyroid levels are low.

Today, I had Katie chase a lure on a lunge whip. Normally, she chases, catches, and hands me the lure. Its great exercise because I can make her travel in both directions to ensure she is working her muscles evenly. Unlike the youngsters, she is not a maniac for this game anymore, but she enjoys the fetching aspect of it since I trade her a treat. Her halfhearted attempts today were pathetic.

So I tried throwing the stuffy Frisbee. Normally, Katie will try to take the toy from me, chases the toy with a lot of enthusiasm, and gallops back to me. But not today. She fetched each time, but not with her usual gusto and she trotted back leisurely every time.

I am going to pursue thyroid treatment and a session of acupuncture. If there is any back pain, hopefully the acupuncture will provide some relief. Other than that, the blood work and exam gave me nothing to check further. From a physical standpoint, she is in great shape.