Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ray's Greyhound

Most of you are aware that I was greyhound shopping for Ray. Click here to find out why. Well, I am happy to report that Ray adopted a greyhound I fostered for 3 weeks. I wanted to tell all of you sooner about the progress we were making, but RL's Black Magic (nka Jet) was not very attractive. I did not want all of my readers to feel sorry for Jet if Ray chose not to adopt him.

For some unknown reason, Jet has lots of missing hair. Bald patches of skin can be found on his face, ears, neck, sides, front legs, flanks, and, of course, the thighs. He is not low thyroid and the skin otherwise appears healthy. To add insult to injury, Jet had to have his tail docked after an unsuccessful "happy tail" surgery.

I tried to scare Ray away with pictures and videos of Jet. I did not want to ask Ray to drive 9 hours to see this greyhound, but his other qualities were hard to ignore. Ray was drawn in with my reports about Jet's training progress, personality, drive, and motivation.

Jet is a 2 year old male with an eager, curious, and adventurous spirit. He is energetic, food motivated, and fearless. There is also something thoughtful and intelligent about him. During my evaluation, I took Jet on long hikes, jogging, PetsMart, the farm, an overnight visit with my sister, and even a dog show (I made him wear a coat to that :-). He handled everything as I had hoped.

I introduced Jet to clicker training and he was an excellent student. He quickly learned to touch a target with his nose, sit, down, and make eye contact.

So on Valentine's day weekend, Ray came to Atlanta to meet and adopt Jet. Most adopters would have passed over Jet and Ray's local adoption group passed on him. I think its fitting that the two rejects were a match.

More about the visit and updates to come...........