Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well, I am excited to be hound shopping again although not for myself this time. Ray contacted me a couple of months ago after seeing my website. Ray is truly an animal person with a high interest in animal behavior. He has an amazing animal background. He has worked with horses including starting young Clydesdales for Budweiser, successfully trained and trialed several border collies in sheep herding, and has worked with and clicker trained hawks. He has an extensive background in clicker training. Unlike my self-taught clicker training education, Ray has attended clicker training expos, seminars, and has worked locally with other clicker trainers. He strikes me as someone that loves to learn and who is always seeking more knowledge. Ray also lives in the country on 6 acres with his wife and teenage daughter. His property backs up to miles of logging trails that he and his border collie, Nap, enjoy regularly. Ray became interested in adopting a greyhound after he had cared for several while their owners were out of town.

I love it when someone like Ray applies to adopt a greyhound. I do not like to categorize greyhounds (or other breeds) too much since they are all individuals. But generally speaking, greyhounds make excellent pets for today's typical suburban lifestyle and tend to attract the right adopters to fill the primary need. However, a percentage of ex-racing greyhounds are looking for new, active careers and it is such a blessing when we have someone wanting a hound that needs a lot of exercise and training to live a happy and stimulating life.

Ideally, I prefer that people adopt locally and pick their own greyhounds. I can help by giving the adopter some characteristics to think about and to look for. We tried to work locally with a group in Ray's state, but alas they were unable to see the opportunity before them.

This is not the first time a group has turned away someone with so much to offer. Diane adopted Abby nearly a year ago from SEGA. She was turned down because she wanted to train and compete her greyhound in obedience and agility and wanted to choose a greyhound with more drive and motivation than her last one. The group was not keen about letting Diane choose a greyhound that was right for her. Luckily, SEGA was able to step up to the plate and provide a lucky greyhound with an ideal home.

I am so proud to be apart of SEGA and I am thankful that they have allowed me to be "choosy" over the years. So once again, a local adoption group's loss is SEGA's gain.

And to my new friend Jules, this is a great example of the matchmaking I love to do. I am hoping you continue to lurk and that you are starting to see the importance in finding a home that is "just right" for a particular hound and vice versus. More greyhounds are adopted when adoption focuses on a good fit rather than pity for the dogs.

I will keep you all posted on the search.