Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Proof is in the Pudding

***WARNING*** This is a poop post.
And no that is not a picture of poop below.

Its no secret that many people who feed raw food are proud of their dogs' poop..... myself included. I do not know much about the other breeds, but poop from many kibble-fed greyhounds is foul. In my experience, most greyhound-kibble-output stinks from quite a distance, the pile is huge, and it often has the consistency of pudding.

One of the biggest benefits to feeding raw food, is the poop quality. Stools are firm, small, and far less foul, in my opinion. Without fail, Jessie, Teresa, Katie, Travis, Stacker, Julie, and Allie made the switch to raw food with no complications and have produced poop to be proud of for years.

Much to my dismay, Reagan and Riley did not follow suit. From the beginning, both have had pudding poop. Both have been thoroughly wormed and treated with a round of metronidazole with no lasting results. I blamed it on the wide variety of training treats I use. I figured I was causing digestive issues from the constant switching.

Finally.... I took my own advice and remembered that fat loosens up the stools. I feed chicken backs primarily and the backs have huge chunks of fat on them. Fat that, up until now, all of my greyhounds have needed otherwise they are constipated (I warned you this was a poop post :-). Being a creature of habit, I assumed Reagan and Riley needed the same.

So I began trimming the fat off Reagan and Riley's chicken backs (pictured at the top) and PRESTO... they immediately have perfect poops. I just wish I had tried that months sooner.


IHateToast said...

i mix raw with kibble only because i can't afford the all raw. nor do i have the space. yet. i still have hubby's bachelor-size fridge. honestly. why by a fridge that small?

but it's true about the poop. bone poop better. same argument that moms make about boob poop (just flip boob and you have poop) v formula poop.

the only poop i get to see is tamale's. she'll poop a proper poop at the dog park. then a second poop. a bit softer now. then a third. pudding. then a fourth. mustard sauce.

i refer to those as cookies that she won't let bake.

and yes, i know those weren't complete sentences.

poop. so fun to say. not so fun to pick up.

BrittBeah said...

ha ha ha, such a proud grey 'mom'. Brag all you like about your dogs poop, we will all keep reading. ha ha ha

Jess said...

I did the exact same thing when Superman joined the family!

Barb said...

That's one of the best things about feeding a homemade diet (whether raw or cooked) - it's so easy to tweak it to suit individual pets without having to buy entirely different ingredients.

We all know people who buy several different kinds of kibble to feed different pets... how much easier to just manipulate the ingredients you are using anyway. Trim a little fat off of something, or maybe add a little more of this, a little less of that. And every pet gets exactly what is best for them!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Toast, you are too funny. Cookie dough and mustard sauce.... I'll never look at dog poop the same again. :-)

It is nice to be able to tweak the ingredients to fit each dog. I just wish I had a use for all that fat! I just bag it in the freezer until the bag is full. Then I throw it away.

Thanks everyone!

Zan said...

As you may remember, I had a hard time converting Nick and still have to trim most of the fat off the chicken backs I feed. What is it about the youngsters these days - can't handle chicken fat;-)

xracermom said...

Jen, maybe you can convert that chicken fat to biodiesel?

cindi said...

Hahah! We call it "pudding poo"

And we mix kibble & raw - as afraid can't afford 100% raw and we want to make sure the dogs get all the vitamins and such from the kibble that they may not get from the raw alone.

dogstaracademy said...

How do you get dogs to gain weight though, when you reduce the fat content and they won't consume more per day? More carbs?

*tearing hair out over Skinny Supermodel Dog....*

Marie said...

What no photo to share of the perfect poop? Come on! It's a poop post after all. And you did warn us. VBG

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

so what the hell is that a pic of?

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Chicken fat fuel... I like it!

Dogstar, are you saying you have a picky eater that also can't handle too much fat? Might add higher calorie meat like beef, pork, or even canned mackeral. I personally do not feed a lot of grain or carbs to my guys. If you add any yogurt or cottage cheese to your veggie mix, I would not get any of the reduced calorie versions. I don't have a lot of experience with picky eaters.

Marie, you just might get what you asked for.

Denise, the picture is a gallon sized back of chicken fat I cut off the chicken backs.... anything for perfect dog poop!


Snobound said...

We've never done a raw diet. We don't have anything against it and in the past we've talked about trying it. But we have had great luck with kibble, and we feel that on the whole, high quality kibble has just as much nutritional value as raw. Also, as mushers, we didn't want to mess with the hassle, expense, and extra weight that raw adds to the sled. Sleddogs are also not particular about what they eat.

I am not familiar with greyhounds, but we've found that none of our dogs have reacted poorly to kibble diets as long as it was really good, fresh kibble. When we had the sleddogs and were running them daily, we fed a high-pro formula especially designed for working dogs, and the clean-up afterward was incredibly minimal. The dogs used so much energy and the kibble was so amazingly balanced that there was very little waste left behind. If you looked at our poop bucket you'd never be able to guess that we kept a sleddog kennel with 15 dogs.

I fully believe that people who complain of excessive clean-up and bowel issues are the people who, for the most part, are feeding the crap you buy in the grocery store that's loaded with fillers. I cringe every time I'm walking through WM and see people loading down their trolly with 40 pound bags of Ol' Roy, Purina Dog Chow, Kibbles-n-Bits, Alpo, and the like. People want the benefits of pets but don't want to invest any money in their care and health. Every time I see this, I think to myself how grateful I am that I don't have to scoop their backyards or have to smell their dog's gas.

Those foods are the equivalent to feeding Big Mac's to your kids every day - there is almost no nutritional value to it. I guess every one of God's creatures loves junk food!

Sam said...

You brought it on yourself. You know the old saying, "Poop pride goeth before a fall." :-)

Actually, during my active mushing years, I found that feeding a very high quality kibble (names with held to protect, well, me) had similar results. Small, compact, odorless. Clean us was very easy.

Also, the higher ratio of fat did not have a negative impact during training and racing season because of the increased caloric needs. Summer required a lower fat content or reduced quantity.