Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wow, it has been very cold lately. I even saw a few snowflakes last night! I'm sure my readers from the north and where it is truly cold will laugh, but 20 degrees is a cold day in Georgia.

I train mostly outside and consider temperatures under 35 - 40 degrees to be too cold for me to train greyhounds. Its difficult to give clear signals and cues when I'm dressed like an Eskimo. Treats are difficult to work with when I have gloves on. And when one of my greyhounds is working, two others need to be kept warm in my van. Its a pain, so we go hiking instead.

The best part about hiking in bad weather is that you are usually the only person crazy enough to be on the trails. No other dogs or people to work around.

It works great for me because I can dress warmly and exercise my greyhounds at the same time.

So lately we have been doing a lot of hiking. We have some nice trails close to where we live and we have access to some private property as well.

Riley has been getting a lot of recall practice on a long line and she has been outstanding! Her hunting drive kicks into over drive at times, but she has responded beautifully to each and every one of my calls..... for big rewards, of course. I have not had to correct any recalls, so it has been a great opportunity to practice, proof, and reinforce fantastic recalls.

When Snookums and I hike together with all 6 greyhounds, we have been starting out with the 2 youngsters. After 30 minutes, we return to the van for the 8 - 10 year old crew and hike everyone for 30 minutes. This gives Reagan and Riley a full hour which they need and the older group a distance they are happy with.

And yet even after an hour of hiking, I can hear Reagan wandering around the house and irritating Stephen in the living room. She needs to learn how to chill out in the evenings after being exercised and fed........ maybe when she turns 2 years.