Monday, January 19, 2009


Sometimes you have funny pictures to post, but nothing very noteworthy to say.

These are just some funny/cute pictures of Stephen communicating (or something) with the dogs.
Since I'm posting at his expense, I will advertise his blog. Check it out if you haven't.

Many of you are readers of his also, but if not, check out these posts about Riley. They are pretty funny.
Stephen really likes Riley a lot. He secretly hopes that she will stink as an agility/obedience greyhound so I will give her to him. That is probably not going to happen, but maybe I will occasionally loan her to him as a hiking buddy.

And bad dog, you are not suppose to be on the bed. Stephen says he didn't know she was up there. The funny thing is that the bed is very difficult to jump on and we have never had one of our greyhounds try.... that is until we got Riley.

Ihatetoast, I figured that "Snookums" was more original than "Honey", so that is how he earned the title.

Love you, Snookums.