Monday, January 19, 2009


Sometimes you have funny pictures to post, but nothing very noteworthy to say.

These are just some funny/cute pictures of Stephen communicating (or something) with the dogs.
Since I'm posting at his expense, I will advertise his blog. Check it out if you haven't.

Many of you are readers of his also, but if not, check out these posts about Riley. They are pretty funny.
Stephen really likes Riley a lot. He secretly hopes that she will stink as an agility/obedience greyhound so I will give her to him. That is probably not going to happen, but maybe I will occasionally loan her to him as a hiking buddy.

And bad dog, you are not suppose to be on the bed. Stephen says he didn't know she was up there. The funny thing is that the bed is very difficult to jump on and we have never had one of our greyhounds try.... that is until we got Riley.

Ihatetoast, I figured that "Snookums" was more original than "Honey", so that is how he earned the title.

Love you, Snookums.


BrittBeah said...

Didn't know she was up there? She sure does look nice and tucked in :)

Snobound said...

Cute photos - I guess we all have a soft spot for our dogs. I know I let mine get away with WAY too much stuff. Sam is much more of a "disciplinarian" than I am. Good thing I don't have kids - they'd probably be running amuck in the streets! :)

Addie said...

Great pictures! I really relate to the one where Riley is in the bed. Sometimes Bruno waits until we're all sound asleep and then he gets in bed. I know he's sneaky about it because I never know he's there until I wake up. Riley does look comfy in bed!

Zan said...

Very cute pictures!!

Maria Peters said...

Very cute.

I think Stephen was trying to gross out your grey with HIS breath. Thank you, Stephen, for doing your part for the human race...even tho' your dawgs eat raw, and most likely do not have bad breath.

my word ver: rester
LOL. how did they know?

Sientay L said...

I think Stephen knew Riley was on the bed;)
I have to say, I think Riley is becoming my favorite Never greyhound too. Maybe I'm partial to brindles. Jesse was my favorite of yours and she was brindle.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Well, Stephen doesn't wake up to dog vomit or accidents either........hmmmmm maybe there is a reason for that. I won't pick on him too much (at least today) since he was a good sport and let me post the silly pics.


IHateToast said...

aw, snookums... and you believe that story about the bed?

"honey" is a bad word here, or with me. my hubby noticed that i say "oh honey" whenever i see something unpleasant on someone (bum crack). or "honey? ..." usually precedes an expression of irritation.

Michelle and Mitch said...

Cute pics! Didn't know Riley was on the bed? Uh huh...that's a good one! She looks very comfortable. LOL =)