Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Dinner

I found a special treat for the greyhounds' raw food Christmas dinner..... turkey backs!

I have not seen turkey backs in the last few years. When I see the wings, legs, and thighs for sale at the store, I always wonder what happens to the turkey backs. I bet my friend with Ridgebacks would love those. Turkey backs are huge and would force her dogs to chew for a change.

That is a chicken back to the right of the turkey back so you can see how much bigger they are. I did cut off the skin and extra chunks of fat.

Katie tackles her turkey back from a down.

Allie tries chewing and carrying it at the same time.

Stacker uses the bottom of his crate as leverage to get his turkey back chewed up.

Reagan and Riley got to split a turkey back last night. That was fun for Stephen and I to cut in half :-).

Katie is now sleeping off her Christmas dinner.