Monday, December 22, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend

I am happy to report that the old, white van was placed in a new home tonight. It is beginning its second career as a work van for a man starting an appliance repair service. It makes me glad that we did not just trade it in. It is a good van that has been serviced regularly and driven gently. Its nice to know that it will go on to help someone start a business. I hope that the van serves him well.

For several years, the white greyhound bus was my primary vehicle. Not cool when you are a single girl in your mid 20's. I remember years ago when my boss asked me about the new van and I answered in a less than excited tone of voice that I had indeed purchased a van, "a van van... a big van". He assured me I shouldn't worry about how it looked as long as it got me to where I was going. A few minutes later he says "IS IT THAT BIG WHITE ONE?"..... yes it is. So for all of you who resist the uncool idea of a mini van and then complain when your dogs won't jump into your tall SUV, I do not feel sorry for you. I looked a lot less cool in a big white van :-).

All in all, the van was a very smart purchase. I log a ton of miles with the dogs and the van affords them a safe way to travel via crates. Its a home away from home and a comfortable place for the hounds to relax.