Friday, November 14, 2008


I do not know Riley as well as Reagan and Katie, but I would guess that she would be a wannabe in high of those girls that tries too hard to fit in and to be popular. She would not be especially pretty with that freckled faced and bad hair. An attempt at the latest hair style would only turn into curly bangs that just get bigger and fly in all directions.

Riley's excited and hyper personality would get her into trouble in social situations. She would probably talk very fast and later regret half of what she said. She would greet everyone with a hug. She would bite her nails when she is excited (evident by her leash chewing).

Riley would invite the other girls over for sleep overs......

... And share her toys. The popular girls would break rip up her toys when her back is turned.

Riley looks pretty goofy when she jogs and would be made fun of by the other kids when it was time to run the mile. She would be picked last for teams in P.E.

Lucky for me, Riley is just a sweet, little greyhound that doesn't care if we tease her.