Friday, November 14, 2008


Our new greyhound bus has arrived!!! The reason this news is so exciting is that we ordered the new van on June 20th..... almost 5 months ago. You would have thought we were adopting this vehicle from China, but alas it was born in Missouri on Halloween day. With all the worries with American carmakers, you would have thought General Motors would be eager to produce a vehicle for someone standing there with money to buy it..... But no, lets produce vehicles we might be able to sell. Do you really think its a good idea for the government to bail out such companies? I digress.

My love of cargo vans for traveling with dogs has been well established. I bought my first cargo van in 2002 after Todd persuaded me to purchase the windowless version (instead of a passenger van). I bet you don't remember that, Todd. He explained that I did not want windows because they create a greenhouse effect. He was right and I fell in love with my cargo van. However, this time around we wanted to upgrade and add a few features the car, mini van, and SUV drivers take for granted.... such things as a color other than white (sandstone), power adjustable seat, cloth interior, CD player with USB port, power locks & windows, cruise control, rear heating and air conditioning, and ARM RESTS! I cannot wait to rest my arms on the arm rests!

Unfortunately, pimped out cargo vans are not in high demand and cannot be found at any dealership in the United States of America. We had to order a new one. So join Stephen and I in welcoming our new van to our family. Pictures will be coming soon.